Namibian union leaders fired from their jobs for organizing in the mines


The International Labor Solidarity Committee for the Namibian Miners 

Speak-Out At San Francisco Chinese Consulate 

Monday May 19, 2021 4PM

Geary & Laguna St. San Francisco

In the great, worthy and time-honored tradition of international labor defense, trade unionists and workers organizations have joined together to form a United Front defense for the Rossing and Swokop miners who are fighting to save their jobs from union busting. The Namibia MIneworkers Union Rossing Branch has appealed for international support.. The United Front supports the miners’ demands and mobilizes actions to popularize their campaign and build international workers solidarity. We oppose all attacks on Namibian unions and workers by companies or governments that are investing in Namibia.

  • Rehire the 9 fired union leaders!
  • Restore All Sacked Workers Back Pays!
  • Honor the Union Contract And Namibian Labor Law!
  • An Injury to One is an Injury to All!

All organizations of workers and oppressed peoples are encouraged to join the United Front actions under the tradition of Strike Together March Separately. Each participant organization supports the Miners Demands and maintains the right to present and advance their own analysis, additional slogans and/or demands in the course of United Front actions.  The broadest Workers’ democracy will be afforded all participants.  

Therefore we call on Trade Unionists and organizations of the workers and oppressed to unite in action extending solidarity to the Rossing and Swakop Miners who have been fighting against the union busting campaign of the new owners of their mines.   The Rossing and Swakop uranium mines have long been the subject of complaint by the international workers movement for Apartheid era policies and environmental crimes of negligence. The former majority owners, Rio Tinto  Mining, (an Anglo-Australian multinational and the no. 2  in extraction worldwide) sold their 69% share in Nov., 2018 to China National Uranium Corporation Limited, and this in turn formed the China National Nuclear Corporation Rossing Uranium Limited (CNNC/RUL).  It is this Corporation that has fired nine leading members of the Mine Workers Union of Namibia (MUN) in their union-busting campaign and has imported managers from China who are working without Namibian permission. The MUN demands the nine members be rehired and their victimization cease. That all their back pays be paid to them, and that the CNNC/RUL abide the trade agreement ,the MUN contract and Namibian Labor Laws. 

  • We are participating in International Days of Action to support the appearance of the Union (MUN) before the Federal Court of Arbitration on April 19th, in their case against the union busting employers. 
  •  The United Front defense calls for and is initiating actions in the U.S. and for worldwide labor protests at Chinese Embassies and Legations on April 19th!

Speak-Out At San Francisco Chinese Consulate 

Monday May 19, 2021 4PM

Geary & Laguna St. San Francisco


International Labor Solidarity Committee for the Namibian Miners



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